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Youth portal contains  techniques developed through research for early realization of dream.It is free for few weeks for purpose of advertisement. If youth are not getting success fast, they did not know smart success techniques. All successful youths had used these techniques knowingly or unknowingly to avoid health problems as pimples, acidity,constipation,back ache,disturbed sleep,more weight,more anger ,tension etc
2 Youth e book is world’s first complete book on success . Information available in existing book is incomplete. Further free information available on the Internet for youth is not only incomplete but also misguiding. Once youth read the website,  they don’t need to read any other book for confidence development,correct decision making,positive thinking,mind control,time management etc. 
3.  This youth portal will literally make any youth rich though he/she is very poor through buying techniques,equity / share investment,property / real estate dealing & through proper loans.


In youth portal, very simple English language is used  so that one who are not from English medium of education even can understand well the techniques of smart success for youth e.g memory techniques,effective study methods,interview & group discussion techniques.
5. Techniques  for youth  are in the point form but points are self explanatory.So they will not get bored to read topics like motivating staff for more work,technique for handling complaint ,proper handling of boss, judjing other's mind etc.
6.  Youth portal covers general problems of youth. But once they became a member, he/she will get life time support to solve youths' individual problems e.g persuing other to love you, sexual satisfaction of spouse,adjustment & smart child development etc.


  Soon website will be made interactive to solve specific problem of individual by experts.

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New rules for success from Smart success for youth literally  convert failure in to success . When Introspect, I come to know...

-Mr. Anand Hemant Ingale
Pune (Maharashtra) India

How to keep spouse happy?section from smart success for youth is simply  the best.My married life was full of argument &...

-Mrs. K.M.Shaikh
Pune (Maharashtra) India

Smart study technique &getting job from smart success for youth is must for every youth. I was always scoring marks up to 50-60 %...

-Miss N. Asmita Naidu
Hydrabad (Andra Pradesh) India
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